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Are you a social media professional looking to take your skills to the next level?

Join our exclusive weekly webinar series designed specifically for social media managers and marketers.


During this live, interactive webinar, our team of industry experts will walk you through the latest social media strategies and techniques to increase your reach, engagement, conversions, and ROI.

Each 60-minute webinar will cover highly tactical topics to help improve your social media efforts, including:

Social Media Consulting - tactical 1.jpg
Social Media Consulting - tactical 4.jpg
Social Media Consulting - tactical 5.jpg
Social Media Consulting - tactical 2.jpg
Social Media Consulting - tactical 6.jpg
Social Media Consulting - tactical 3.jpg
You’ll get access to a weekly “ask me anything” segment to get personalized advice on overcoming your current social media challenges.

This is your chance to tap into our team’s expertise to troubleshoot any issues holding you back.

These live webinars allow you to work directly with our knowledgeable team and get your most pressing questions answered on the spot. And the sessions will be recorded so you can rewatch them anytime as a member.


Join the weekly workshop to take your social media skills to the next level and maximize the impact of your efforts. An exclusive membership is just $499 per month.


Reserve your spot in the next live webinar now!

Package Offerings:

  • 1 hour meeting 1x per  week

  • 30 minute spent on a specific topic

  • 30 minutes of AMA


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