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$2,000 / month + Start Up Fee

It has come, it has conquered, and it is here to stay: Social Media, Social Media, Social Media. It is your digital business card, your personal brand, your platform to scale. 

Our team has designated digital managers who don't just login to Instagram and post a photo. We brand, we create content, we HYPE up the audience and we create conversions. 

How many deals do you have to make to justify this investment?

This investment is evergreen, you will always have this audience and will increase buying frequency!

We build and showcase the problem. 

We create tension through our content.

We offer solutions through our messaging.

We hype up the audience. 

We maintain the momentum.

We create conversions.

YOU make money. 

What's Included:


Bi-monthly Content Creation

Social Media Management

What's Not Included:

Videographer or Photographer fees not included,
but discounted

Start Up Fee


interested in working with Legacy Digital?

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